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Ref: DD3046
Disc(s): 2
Renting Points: 5.0
MRS TOWN @ QI ZI MEN DE MI MI (DISC 01-02 OF 04) (2010)

Rating: PG

MRS TOWN @ QI ZI MEN DE MI MI (DISC 01-02 OF 04) | EPS 01-03, 04-06
Seo Hong Joo, a beautiful and elegant retired movie star seemingly in the prime of her life. Oh Da Jung, a warm-hearted restaurant owner. Ahn Bo Bae, who spends her life working for her husband and children, feeling neglected but unable to do anything whenever her husband has an affair. Plastic beauty Jackie Jung, whose goal is to snag a rich husband. These women have only one thing in common: their loveless lives. There are times when the married woman cannot help but think, “What if my husband dies?” But what will happen if this comes true?

Synopsis:Click here for Movie Synopsys

Run Time (mn):540

Genre:Korean TV Series, Idol, Drama, Romance

Region Code:3


Cast:Oh Hyun Kyeong, Song Seon Mi, Choi Song Hyeon, Lee Seok Joon, Kim Byeong Choon, Ha Dae Ro

Director/s:Lee Min Cheol

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Ref: DD3048

MRS TOWN @ QI ZI MEN DE MI MI (DISC 03-04 OF 04) | EPS 07-09, 10-12 | END
Disc(s): 2 Run Time (mn): Renting Points: 5.0

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