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Ref: VD0199
Disc(s): 10
Renting Points: 7.0
NU XUN AN @ POLICE WOMAN (DISC 01-10 OF 51) (2001)

Rating: PG

SET 01/05 | VCD 01-10

Synopsis:Click here for Movie Synopsys

Genre:China TV Series, HK TV Series, Taiwan TV Series, Thriller, Comedy

Languages:Mandarin, Cantonese


Cast:Wu Jun Ru @ Sandra Ng, Weng Hong, Chen Dao Ming, Chen Bao Guo, Zhang Tie Lin, Huang Zhong Kun, Li Li Qun, Sun Cui Feng, Yue Yao Li, Cai Can De

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Ref: VD0200

SET 02/05 | VCD 11-20
Disc(s): 10 Run Time (mn): Renting Points: 7.0

Ref: VD0201

SET 03/05 | VCD 21-30
Disc(s): 10 Run Time (mn): Renting Points: 7.0

Ref: VD0202

SET 04/05 | VCD 31-40
Disc(s): 10 Run Time (mn): Renting Points: 7.0

Ref: VD0203

SET 05/05 | VCD 41-51 | END
Disc(s): 11 Run Time (mn): Renting Points: 7.5

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